Starting an Epic Surf+Yoga Business with Kori Hahn

I sat down with one of my most favourite humans in the world. My good friend Kori and I jam out about her journey into entrepreneurship and talk about so much awesome stuff - you really HAVE to listen to this episode. It's full of gems.

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This is a must-listen for you. I sat down with a good friend of mine, Kori Hahn, to chat about her journey as an entrepreneur and surf-yogi, and all the lessons she has learned on the way.

Kori and I go deep - we talk about:
  • how to put yourself out there when you are starting out as an entrepreneur
  • vulnerability in business
  • pursuing your calling
  • how to start a business from scratch when you have no idea where to start
  • how to connect to your intuition
  • how to bring the Yin and the Yang together in life and business
  • what surfing teaches you about life
  • intuitive Yoga and Yoga philosophy
  • soul growth as an entrepreneur
  • dealing with insecruties
  • how to become more self-confident on social media
  • and lots more!!

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