The Creative Process + Building a Brand w/ The Methodbox Brothers

What does it take to build an inspiring brand? How do you tell great stories? I drove up to North Hollywood to meet up with two brothers, Nathan and Jonathan, who are behind the YouTube channel and brand Methodbox and get answers to my questions!

Methodbox are two very talented creative storytellers and filmmakers, who create little mini-docus and short films delving deep into topical issues in business, social media, and pop culture.

They are also on a mission to help other entrepreneurs and creators build their brand by creatively showing how others have done so and using their own journey as an example.

I love how they are documenting their own process through their videos and I’m a little jealous at how they apply storytelling to bring their ideas to life.

So I hope you enjoy today’s interview, in which we talk a lot about how to build a brand, their creative process, the YouTube creator scene in NYC versus LA, what they have learned so far as YouTubers and their plans for a creator co-working space.

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